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Windon Electrical Services are electricians in inner western Sydney providing a complete range of electrical services to residents and businesses. We are fully licensed and provide an honest, competent service at very affordable prices and look forward to assisting you with any electrical installation or repair work. Call us now on 0401 955 254.



  • All electrical work – residential and commercial
  • Switchboard upgrade
  • RCD Safety switch installations
  • Extra power outlets
  • Stove and oven installation
  • New wiring and all electrical work for renovations and additions
  • Power outlet replacement
  • 3 phase power up grade
  • Data cabling installation
  • All Lighting services
  • Down lights
  • Pendant lights
  • External garden lights
  • Floodlight installation
  • Electrical safety checks
  • Internal feature lighting
  • Lamp replacement
  • Fluorescent lights
  • Wall lights
  • Light switches
  • Switchboard repairs
  • Security lighting
  • Repairs and rewiring of lighting circuits
  • Fan Installation
  • Smoke Detector installation
  • 24 /7 Emergency Electrician Service
  • TV antenna installation
  • Electrical fault finding
  • Telephone/data/communications
  • Pre-home purchase electrical inspections
  • Office electrical wiring
  • All electrical maintenance
  • Emergency lighting
  • Exit lighting
  • Strata and property repairs
  • All Routine maintenance
  • Testing and tagging
  • Appliance testing
  • Office lighting repair
  • Heated towel rail installation
  • Office fluorescent light replacement
  • Down light globe replacement
  • High bay and factory lighting replacement
  • Emergency lighting
  • Kitchen exhaust fan installation
  • Outdoor power outlets
  • Bathroom exhaust fan installation
  • Replacement of worn power leads on appliances
  • Low voltage cabling
  • Entrance light installation
  • External power point installation

Windon Electrical Services. Professional Electrical Contractors

Windon Electrical Services are licensed electricians based in Strathfield, inner west Sydney. Our philosophy is to work hard to ensure our customers receive the highest levels of service and answer all enquiries quickly and courteously. We have easy payment options and offer a 24 hour, seven day a week emergency electrical call out service.

Electrical Services Inner West

The role of an electrical contractors has changed dramatically over the last 10 years as technology has evolved. Examples of these changes include lighting where innovation includes energy saving lighting, l.e.d. down lights, to compact fluorescent lighting, to smart security lighting systems. Many modern homes are now equipped with fully integrated home entertainment and ‘smart home’ technologies that can control lighting, heating, home audio, access control and security and the demands for cabling and cabling systems have evolved tremendously. At Windon Electrical Services we pride ourselves on keeping abreast with the best new products available for our clients and well as ensuring developments in electrical compliance and regulation are kept up to date.

As well as the ‘high tech’ end of being an electrician, our day to day work involves a lot of the ‘traditional’ electrical work that people associate with a electrical contractors. This includes, for example, switchboard replacement. Many homes in inner western Sydney were built over 100 years ago and the wiring and electrical outlets in these homes reflects this! Many older homes still have antiquated switchboards which we can replace. Older style switchboards invariably have the old style ‘ceramic’ block type fuse and fuse holders. If you have ever had one of these fuses blow you may be aware that they still rely on you having to have a supply of the correctly rated fuse wire to repair them with (a job that should NOT be tackled by a home owner – instead licensed electricians should be called). These days these old style fuses have been superseded by modern circuit breakers. When circuit breakers blow they simply have to be reset (once the electrical fault has been found and rectified!) to restore power to that circuit. The usage of RCD’s (residual current devices) in modern switchboards has been a huge step forward in ensuring electrical safety and the risk of electric shock in homes (and businesses) has been reduced significantly. These devices work by monitoring the electrical current in the active and neutral wires. Normally the current should be equal in these lines but if a difference is detected it could mean that an electrical fault or even worse an electric shock has occurred and the device opens the electrical circuit extremely quickly, meaning that a potentially life threatening shock can be mitigated. We encourage all clients to discuss the benefits of switchboard upgrades with us. The costs can be fairly modest and the benefits and electrical safety gains can make these upgrades very worthwhile.

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Q and A – Windon Electrical Services

Which areas do you service?

We work with customers all around Sydney’s inner western suburbs. These include: Strathfield, Concord, Five Dock, Canada Bay, Leichhardt, Annandale, Marrickville, Ashfield, Annandale, Summer Hill, Balmain, Birchgrove, Burwood, Haberfield, Homebush, Mortlake, Breakfast Point, Sydney Olympic Park,  Petersham, Newtown, Erskineville, Abbotsford, Russell Lea, Drummoyne and Lilyfield.

We bought a new home recently – can you install smoke detectors for us?

Most definitely. Smoke detector installation is a big part of what we do. Smoke detectors save lives – its that simple. We can advise on the most appropriate type of smoke detector to install – they can be a.c. operated of battery operated and available in different types of technologies. We can also do an electrical safety check of your new home. As discussed above, many older homes have outdated wiring, electrical switchboards and unsafe power points and light switches. We have seen instances where electrical outlets and lighting have been installed in outdoor laundries and garden sheds that do not meet current electrical compliance and safety standards and strongly advise clients to get these potential electrical hazards rectified.

We need modern security lighting installed – can you assist?

Yes – many people recognise the value in installing security lights around their property. Security lighting has become increasingly sophisticated. Sensor lights are popular. They employ passive infra red sensing elements to detect body heat and then turn on security light. The lights themselves can be floodlights, halogen lamps or l.e.d. lights. The styling of security lighting does not need to detract from the style and appearance of your home and we can source attractive security lighting systems that blend into the appearance of your house and garden.

We want a power point in the garden – is this possible?

There are power points designed specifically for outdoor usage and installation. They generally have an IP54 rating (where IP stands for ‘ingress protection’ and 54 means the device has protection and dust and water splashing from any direction), meaning we can install them for use in gardens, generally mounted onto the wall. We will look at the existing wiring of the home to see how accessible it is, but in most instances we can indeed install a power outlet for external use which can be very handy when you need to plug in an electric cook top, radio or light when entertaining, for example.

Can you wire up a new stove?

Yes. Electric stoves generally draw significantly higher amounts of current than ‘standard’ electrical appliances and must be wired up correctly according to Australian Standards. We will assess the job to determine to correct and safe way to connect up your electric stove.

Can you relocate power points in our home?

We get many requests to install and relocate power points in peoples homes. It is often the case that existing power outlets are simply positioned in the wrong place in a home or people need additional power points installed. We can advise you on how and where additional power points can be installed and the types of power points available.

What Does Your Emergency Electrician Service Cover?

You can call us any time of day or night for emergency electrical problems, whether it is in your home, your business or offices. Examples of an ‘electrical emergency’ include smoke or electrical sparks coming from electrical wiring, power points or your switchboard. It could also include the loss of hot water from your electrical hot water service or it could also be a full power outage where you find you have no electricity coming from your power points and none of your lighting works. This can be very disconcerting and our emergency electrician service is ready to assist regardless of the hour of day (or night!).

Can You Do Electrical Safety Inspections For Our Home?

Yes – electrical safety should be a priority for all households. If you are concerned about potentially dangerous electrical wiring, power points or appliances you should call us and we will come out and do a full electrical safety inspection of your premises. This will include identifying current electrical deficiencies such as loose power outlets, defective electrical cabling, an unsafe switchboard or illegal wiring that needs immediate repair work. We will also check appliances, hot water systems, light circuits and fittings and safety switches for safe and electrically compliant operation. We can advise on electrical upgrades that should be considered to ensure your home meets current electrical standards and is electrically safe.

Can You Assist With Wiring In Exhaust Fans?

We can indeed. Exhaust and ventilation fans are widely used in homes, businesses and in commercial applications. Many home owners who are upgrading their bathroom or kitchen often look to improve the ventilation and vent odours and steam through the installation of ceiling exhaust fans. These can vent into the ceiling or be ducted so the air flow can be ducted out of the building completely. It is important to correctly locate the fans for maximum performance and we can do all the associated wiring and install the appropriate electrical switches. For commercial applications, such as restaurant kitchens we can install higher air flow fans that are designed specifically for commercial use.

Do you have recent testimonials from your clients?

Yes, we certainly do! We consistently receive excellent reviews for our electrical work and get a lot of repeat business from our many happy customers – we have a selection of recent testimonials listed below:

Windon Electrical services have exceeded my expectations. I have now had Liam come out to my house to do multiple jobs and have been impress with his professionalism, knowledge and friendliness. From relocating power points to running a new TV aerial, from terminating power to my old shed to hanging a TV on the wall with no visible cables. Windon Electrical services have been heavily reliable in getting the job done no matter how easy or difficult the situation presented. Planning to do more renovations in the near future and will definitely be obtaining the services of Windon Electrical.
Anthony – Rydalmere
Liam is the upmost professional in the knowledge he has and the work he does. He diagnosed an electrical issue, which others were not able to, and provided a range of cost effective solutions. He made himself available when we were home and ensured he was on time, every time. I highly recommend Liam and Windon Electrical Services and wouldn’t hesitate using him again.
Luke – Strathfield
I have been using Windon Electrical services over the past few months to correct work completed on a new renovation. Although a stressful and frustrating time, Liam’s attention to detail and work ethic made the process go a lot smoother. I highly recommend his services to anyone undertaking any type of electrical work.
Josh – Newtown
Extremely efficient in relation to response time. Definitely use again.
Ryan – Matraville


Electrical News Update 13 June 2016 – Smoke Detector Installation in N.S.W.

One current working smoke alarm must be installed in houses on each level according to legislation  and regulations in NSW. These requirements are inclusive of owned properties, rental properties, caravans, camper vans, relocated homes or any other residential place in which smoke alarm installation update June 2016people sleep. Smoke alarms need to be regularly tested and it is recommended that this is done at least once a month. Battery operated smoke alarms need their batteries replace at least once a year to make sure they are working effectively within your home. Different areas of the house have designated models of smoke alarms specified and there are also models made for those with hearing impairments.

Smoke is toxic to you and your family and smoke alarms need to be fitted within households for the safety of your family. These alarms are installed within homes to detect smoke well before any sleeping person is alerted to the presence of smoke. Smoke alarms are proven to be life saving devices, that is a fact. Smoke alarm batteries need to be cleaned and checked, as there can be a clogging of insects and dust that potentially leads to the smoke alarm failing. In 2010, 39% of peoples smoke alarms were out of date and or had batteries that no longer functioned. Licensed electrician must install hard-wired alarms, these smoke alarms are connected to the main power boards within your home and also fitted with batteries for back up power if should the mains electricity supply fail. NSW Fire and Rescue endorse the implementing of an interconnected hard-wired photoelectric type smoke alarm as they provide faster warning of flames and smoke.

Smoke Detector Testing

Testing your smoke alarm is more than just changing the batteries and testing that the indicator lights are operating and people need to ensure that the detector positioning, installation and certificates are all current and up to date.

Further details on N.S.W. regulations can be found here

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