Choosing an electrician

Electrician Inner West – September 2016 Electrician Update

In our September update we look at smoke detectors, electrical terminology, electrical efficiency, the ‘in’s and out’s’ of different lighting technologies and their relative advantages and disadvantages and finally our approach to the installation of induction cooktops and their benefits.
Replace Old Smoke Detectors – Always Use Photoelectric Type Smoke Detectors
Walking past Leichhardt fire station we […]

Rewiring Your Home

Just like switchboards, very often within older homes our wiring will need to be updated. More often than not we find that old houses wiring is out-dated and unsafe. The modern day home needs new wiring to keep up with the demands of technology within the 21 st century. A professional licenced electrician, like Windon Electrical Services, should be called upon […]

Electrical Safety

How many people do you know that have done their own electrical work? It is alarming to us that people still do not understand the potential hazards that can occur when unlicensed people attempt to do the work of a licensed electrician. Electricity can and does kill – it is that simple. So it is […]

Welcome To Our Blog – Windon Electrical Services

Welcome to our first blog post. Our mission is to educate inner west residents of Sydney in what to look for when looking for an electrician. We will offer advice, tips and hints on what makes a good electrician and update readers with our latest projects.

The role of an electrician has changed markedly over the […]

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