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Electrician Inner West – September 2016 Electrician Update

In our September update we look at smoke detectors, electrical terminology, electrical efficiency, the ‘in’s and out’s’ of different lighting technologies and their relative advantages and disadvantages and finally our approach to the installation of induction cooktops and their benefits.
Replace Old Smoke Detectors – Always Use Photoelectric Type Smoke Detectors
Walking past Leichhardt fire station we […]

Power Point Installation Update – July 2016

26 July 2016. One of the most requested work for inner west electricians is installing additional power points in peoples home, offices and businesses. Many homes, particularly pre 1990 simply do not have enough power points and this can lead to some major inconveniences. You may find that you want to create mood lighting in […]

Electrical Safety – Knowledge Is Power

As we discussed in an earlier post understanding the importance of electrical safety within the home is something every home owner needs to be aware of. In Australia we operate from a 240 volt a.c. power supply which, in comparison with, say the U.S. where they have a 110 volt a.c. electrical supply, is an extremely […]

Electrical Recalls – Useful Information

3 July 2016. You have probably seen news stories on television about the recall of consumer items due to safety concerns about that particular product. This certainly happens from time to time with electrical items. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has a useful page on their website that lists products safety recalls issued in […]

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Surge Protection – Powerboards

How much money do you think you have invested in electronic devices and equipment in your home? Let’s think about the myriad of electronics likely to be found in the modern home. The list could include some or all of the following:

home theatre
desktop computers
lap top computers
tablet devices
mobile phone chargers
stereo […]

Switchboard Updates

Upgrades To Switchboards
Does your switchboard need an update? Do you have an old house with a switchboard that has never been checked for safety? Old and out dated switchboards are more likely to experience a short circuit, which is potentially very dangerous and certainly detrimental, and can lead to the old fuses on the switchboard catching fire easily.
The […]

Installation Of Heated Towel Rail

Heated towel rails are now very popular items and becoming almost a standard in peoples bathrooms in inner west Sydney and we can assist in installing your heated towel rail. The benefits of heated towel rails include:

having the pleasure of warm towels to use in Sydney’s colder months
adding a ‘wow factor’ to a […]

Electrical Safety

How many people do you know that have done their own electrical work? It is alarming to us that people still do not understand the potential hazards that can occur when unlicensed people attempt to do the work of a licensed electrician. Electricity can and does kill – it is that simple. So it is […]