When upgrading, renovating or simply redecorating your home or office you may want to consider changing the existing light fittings. The range of light fittings available now is huge and the technologies used in lighting have changed to include l.e.d. lighting, compact fluorescent, halogen as well as the standard incandescent lights. The availability of styles of light fittings is very extensive and can include the following:

  • pendant lights
  • wall mounted light fittings
  • ceiling lighting
  • down lighting systems
  • spotlights
  • bathroom lights
  • security lighting

Whatever type of light fitting you choose it is important to remember that they must be installed by a licensed electrician. Mains voltage is present and safety is paramount and the first consideration when changing any light fitting. It is also a legal requirement to use a licensed electrician to perform this work.

Checking That Light Fittings Are Safety Approved

It is a requirement that all light fittings and electrical items are safety tested and approved and it is illegal to sell items that do not have a electrical safety approval mark, which indicates that the fitting has been approved. You can check here for a description of approval marks.