How many people do you know that have done their own electrical work? It is alarming to us that people still do not understand the potential hazards that can occur when unlicensed people attempt to do the work of a licensed electrician. Electricity can and does kill – it is that simple. So it is imperative that people do not attempt to do their own electrical work.

Windon Electrical services is licensed to do electrical work and we treat safety as our highest electrical safetypriority. In Australia the mains voltage is 240 v.a.c. We power our appliances, electric lights, computers and stoves from mains power. Many inner west Sydney homes were built 50 to 100 years ago and there are many instances where the electrical wiring in those homes may not meet current standards of electrical compliance. In some instances homeowners have installed their own power points, light circuits and mains powered ceiling fans for example. More often than not this can create electrical safety hazards for the residents of the home. If you do have any electrical work to be done, do not risk it – use a licensed electrician. Windon Electrical Services can do a safety check of the wiring, power points and light circuits in your home. We can install an RCD (residual current device) which is a safety device designed to protect people from the risk of electric shock. These devices are widely installed in Australian homes, but many older inner west Sydney homes may not have RCD’s installed and we offer an installation service for these devices.