10 August 2016. If you are considering upgrading your home through renovation or are currently renovating your home you will almost certainly require an electrician. The best time to call in an electrician when looking to renovate is in the electrical work for renovationsearliest possible stage. This is because renovations will generally require electrical services at the beginning of the process when walls may need to be moved, electrical appliances, switches, power points, light fittings, electric hot water systems and air conditioners need to be removed to allow the renovation commence. It may be that you are adding a second storey to your home or simply remodeling your bathroom or kitchen. Either way we recommend talking to us at the commencement of the project so we can establish a timeline to do the electrical work to fit in with other trades such as plumbers and carpenters.

Energy Efficiency Implementation In Your Renovation

Upgrading your home means that you have a great opportunity to implement energy saving technologies to reduce your electricity usage on an ongoing basis as well as doing your bit for the environment. The economics of creating a more energy sustainable home make sense and ‘payback periods’ for having an electrician install energy efficient LED lighting installationlighting and appliances and possibly even solar power can be relatively short. We recommend the use of l.e.d. lighting for most lighting system upgrades. This technology is extremely energy efficient as they convert around 90 percent of the electricity supplied to the lamp into visible light and ‘waste’ only 10 percent of that input energy into heat. Compare this to halogen or incandescent light bulbs when the energy wasted in heat can amount to more than 50 percent. L.E.D. light bulbs typically have a life span that is up to 10 times longer than ‘traditional’ light sources. This makes the ‘payback period’ – the time to recoup the additional cost of the l.e.d. lamps, short. The economics of l.e.d. lighting are irrefutable. As l.e.d. lamps run relatively cool they are easier to change and handle, so all round you should benefit from using l.e.d. lighting.

Perfect Time To Rewire Your Home

If you are renovating it is the ideal time to replace the existing electrical cabling in your home if it is very old and / or poses an electrical safety issue. We can carefully inspect the wiring in the ceiling and the cables running to power points to establish if it needs replacing. This is a much easier process if walls are being moved or new ceiling being electrical rewiringinstalled. At the same time we can install any new data cabling, adsl, foxtel or wiring for integrated ‘piped’ sound systems and wiring for home automation. Again, planning for this electrical work at the beginning of the renovation will allow for a seamless and more cost effective home upgrade.

Install New Power Points And Switches

Plan for new power outlets, light dimmers and switches at the beginning of the renovation. As we discussed in this post, there are fantastic, modern options for ‘architectural’ grade, ‘designer’ light switches and power points available. As well as power points, now is the time to think about the need to have installed additional t.v. antenna sockets in bedroom, family rooms and the best location for them in lounge ┬árooms.

Conclusion. The main ‘take away’ point, from this article is to call in an electrician prior to commencing your home renovation or upgrade. We can discuss your objectives and recommend the best approach to doing the required electrical work as well as looking to integrate the best new electrical technologies, fittings and appliances,