Homeowners are increasingly looking to upgrade or totally renovate their bathrooms. This will, more often than not, require electrical work to be done. We typically see some or all of the following electrical jobs are required in bathroom renovations:

  • new or additional power points to be installed
  • ceiling exhaust fan installation or the ever popular ‘3 in one’, heat / light / fan unit installation and associated wiring. It often means that new switches have to be installed
  • lighting installation. This may be l.e.d. lighting, spot lighting, recessed lighting or even wall lighting
  • heated towel rails are becoming very popular to keep towels dry and warm in winter months in Sydney

There are regulations that need to be adhered to when, for example, installing ceiling exhaust fans in bathrooms  and we can advise on this. It is a good idea to factor the wiring and electrical work into the work schedule of a bathroom renovation. Obviously if new power points are required (for example) they are best installed prior to tiling of the bathroom walls and the same applies for any wiring that may need to be chased into the walls.

bathroom electrical work