We can repair or install just about any electrical item or service you can think of and have windon electric services employee imageextensive experience in all aspects of electrical work around the home, your office, business or factory. As a licensed electrician we can work with Strata Managers or Real Estate Offices to provide a total electrical service at the times your require it. We also cater for the smallest of jobs, from replacing that old, broken and potentially dangerous power point to installing a new television antenna for your home. Below are just a few of the electrical services we can offer inner west clients:

Kitchen Upgrades – Electrical Work

If you are renovating your kitchen we have the experience to do all the electrical work required. this could include:

  • Installing kitchen cupboard lighting systems
  • Wiring in a new electric cook top
  • Installing new power outlets
  • Installing and wiring in new range hoods
  • Installing new ventilation fans
  • Installing and wiring in new electric ovens
  • Installing new kitchen lighting

Remember – only use a licensed electrician to perform this work!

kitchen electrical work

Lighting Services

Lighting technology has moved ahead in leaps and bounds over the last few years. it is possible to create exceptional ‘mood’ in a home by employing the right type of lighting, fittings and at the same time save on your power bills by using high efficiency light bulbs. L.E.D. light bulbs can offer energy savings of over 90 percent over ‘traditional’ incandescent light bulbs and the ‘payback period’ for converting to high efficiency lighting systems can be 6 to 12 months in some instances, meaning that you can ‘get your money back’ from changing over to, for example, L.E.D. lighting, in a short time frame and then enjoy the ongoing lower energy bills! We welcome any enquiry for lighting, be it a new installation, an upgrade or repair to your existing lights or fittings. We can assist with all areas of lighting including:

  • energy efficient lighting
  • l.e.d. lighting installation
  • pendant light installation
  • wall light installation
  • chandelier light installation
  • ‘retro’ or antique light fitting safety check, re-wiring and installation
  • changing light bulbs of any type
  • replacement of inefficient light bulbs (eg halogen) with high efficiency alternatives
  • security light installation, both automatic and manual operation
  • coach lamp installation
  • garden lighting
  • lighting installation for new home extensions
  • flood light installation
  • bathroom lighting
  • kitchen lighting
  • Fluorescent lighting
  • Installing l.e.d. strip lighting
  • Installing light dimmers

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House Rewiring

Possibly the majority of inner west Sydney homes were built more than 50 years ago and a good percentage of them still have the existing wiring in place. We can assess the state and condition of the wiring and may recommend rewiring your home. If you have had issues around fuses that blow for no known reason or have RCD’s installed that trip repeatedly with no apparent cause ii may be worth you calling us to investigate the state of your wiring. Rewiring your home creates opportunities to add in new power points (in many older homes there are no power points in bathrooms, for example!) and upgrade your switchboard to use modern circuit breakers and RCD protection devices. Not only will this create a more functional and safe home, but it will also add value to your home.

RCD (Residual Current Device) Installation

RCD (Residual Current Device) image

Typical RCD (Residual Current Device)

RCD’s are a ‘must have’ in terms of protecting your family from the potential for electric shocks. They are quite sophisticated in the way that they work. They monitor the current on the active and neutral wiring in your home. If an ‘imbalance’ is detected in these current flows it could well indicate the risk of electrocution and shuts off power in the time that is less than a human heart beat – potentially saving a life! These RCD’s are typically installed into your homes switchboard.


Power Point Installation

Need an extra power point or are you renovating your home and want additional power points added to your lounge room, bathroom or new kitchen? We can assist with installing whatever you need in the way of new power outlets. Installing new power points can be fairly straightforward in most instances. In the case of many ‘double brick’ homes in the inner west, we can install new Clipsal Saturn power point
wiring in the attic space of the home and then drop that new wire down the cavity between the 2 rows of bricks. This means that in most instances we can install new power outlets wherever you need them. It is worthwhile knowing that we can supply a diverse range of attractive looking power outlets than can match in with your decor in terms of styling and colour. You do not need to stick with the traditional white power points and can really add a sophisticated touch to a room by having attractively coloured power points installed.

Ceiling Fan Installation

Believe it or not, ceiling fans are still in vogue and offer the cheapest form of cooling your home during Sydney’s hot summers. They use a fraction of the power that air conditioners use. We can install ceiling fans into your bedrooms or lounge room. Many modern ceiling fans come equipped with remote controls for ease of use. Do not try installing a ceiling fan yourself as they are wired into the mains wiring in your home.

T.V. Antenna Installation

If your television reception is not that good it may not be the fault of your television but it may be tv antenna imagethat your television antenna is damaged or not up to the specification required to receive signals of sufficient strength. Many homes in the inner west are located in valleys that can restrict the level of t.v. signal received. It may also be the case that storms, strong winds or simply years of weathering have rendered your existing t.v. antenna useless and in need of replacement. We can assess your antenna needs and install a modern digital t.v. ready antenna to ensure you get the best possible picture on your television. We can also install additional television antenna outlets in other rooms throughout your home.

Telephone Wiring

We can assist you in adding in more telephone outlets throughout your home. In some instances home owners need additional outlets for internet access or simply because the existing outlets are in the wrong position! We are experienced in all aspects of telephone cabling.

Emergency Electrical Call Out Service

Remember, if you need an emergency electrician, Windon Electrical Services are available 24/7. We understand that having a black out in your home of business or an electrical safety issue requires immediate attention, so contact us any time if you need action now.