26 July 2016. One of the most requested work for inner west electricians is installing additional power points in peoples home, offices and businesses. Many homes, particularly pre 1990 simply do not have enough power points and this can lead to some major inconveniences. You may find that you want to create mood lighting in a lounge room and want to have a number of table lamps but then find that there are no power points near the locations for those lamps. The options generally are to use extension leads. This can create electrical safety issues such as overloading existing power points or power boards connected to, say, the only power point in a room. Extension leads can also be tripped over and can make a room look very unsightly.

Not All Power Points Are Created Equally

Power points have evolved and in 2016 there are many ‘designer’ styled power points to choose from. They can now be ordered in a range of stylish colours to match your decor and a metal finish is available along with the standard plastic material we are all used to seeing. Electrical component manufacturers like Clipsal and H.P.M. have both moved to cater for this more ‘sophisticated’ style of power outlet as not only do they enhance the appearance of the humble power point, but these suppliers can charge a premium price for the enhanced product range. The image below shows Clipsal’s sleek ;metal plate’ power outlet and switch.

Meta Plate Power Point

Integrated USB Power points

Power points can also be supplied and installed with an integrated USB wall charger. With the proliferation of smart phone usage and tablet computers the demand for charging of these devices is growing rapidly and being able to plug a usb cable into a socket conveniently located on the plate of a power point is a huge step forward for modern families. The USB chargers generally come with inbuilt surge protection and over temperature protection – which may be a step ahead of conventional charging devices used with smart phones and tablets.

Designer Colour Power Points

Who would have thought that power points can now come in a wide range of very stylish colours to blend nicely in hpm coloured power pointswith your furnishings and paint schemes?┬áThe H.P.M. ‘Linea’ range of power points are sleek, low profile and come in a wide range of colours and will enhance the look of your rooms. The electrical specifications are exactly the same as the standard ‘white plastic’ power point that we are all familiar with and has the same ratings current wise.

Installation Of Power Points

Power points can be installed on the vast majority of walls however the degree of work involved in doing this work varies enormously. The factors determining the time, and therefore cost to do the work, depend on issues like are the walls single brick, double brick or plasterboard? Is there any existing electrical power cabling already running near the proposed position of the new power points? What is the access like above, below or behind the wall where the new power outlet will be installed? These are factors we will assess and then build into the quotation we offer you for our electrical work. You will enjoy the added convenience of having power available exactly where you need it and increase the electrical safety in your home at the same time.

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