Want to charge your electronic devices faster? Tired of moving your charger around the house? Get rid of all the plugs taking over your current power points and install power points with a USB charger mech. These power points provide a reliable, effective and adaptable solution, minimising excessive power boards and cable mess. USB Charger Mech’s provides a reliable, effective and adaptable solution. They allow you to charge phones, tablets and other electronic devices without requiring the manufacturers original charger.  They are available in single or double sockets allowing two devices to be charged at maximum speed simultaneously. These USB charger mechs are perfect for bedrooms, kitchens, office spaces or anywhere you desire.

usb mech

Image courtesy Clipsal

As licensed electricians we can install these devices in your home or office and make charging your devices a seamless experience. If you are doing a renovation it is a great time to look to install USB mechs. Contact us today for fast assistance.