Just like switchboards, very often within older homes our wiring will need to be updated. More often than not we find that old houses wiring is out-dated and unsafe. The modern day home needs new wiring to keep up with the demands of technology within the 21 st century. A professional licenced electrician, like Windon Electrical Services, should be called upon to do the replacement of the wiring in your home or business and this is certainly not a job that falls into the “DIY” category and it should not be attempted under any circumstances by the property owner.

If your house is old and you are unsure of the time it was originally wired, it is worth your while to have a licenced electrician take a look at it. Warning signs that you need new wiring within your house include;

  • Circuit breakers that trip or the fuses are constantly blowing.
  • Receiving electric shocks when turning on or touching appliances
  • Flickering lights
  • Constantly dimming or fading lights
  • Burning smells coming from an appliance or from within a room
  • Power points that are sparking

Rewiring a house is a generally quite an involved job but adds value to any home and more importantly to the electrical safety of your home. Re-wiring a house is generally easier to do within a home that has been recently purchased rather than a house that has been lived in for years. It can also be an opportune time to re-wire your home or business when you are renovating or re-modelling the property. Wires run behind walls, which may involve ripping down plasterboard or feeding wires through small spaces or cavities behind the walls.

Small holes and spaces for electricians to crawl through or feed wire through causes this to be a difficult and often time-consuming job. Needless to say the money spent on the re-wiring within your household is beneficial to the market price of your property as was reported in the 2009 study by the Consumer Electronics Association. The price you pay for the wiring work will be prove to be a good investment in the end and add to the safetly of the property.