Upgrades To Switchboards

Does your switchboard need an update? Do you have an old house with a switchboard that has never been checked for safety? Old and out dated switchboards are more likely to experience a short circuit, which is potentially very dangerous and certainly detrimental, and can lead to the old fuses on the switchboard catching fire easily.

The Role Of switchboards


Old Electrical Switchboard In Inner West Sydney Home

Switchboards are a vital component of your home’s electrical structure. The significance of your switchboard is that it successfully disperses the power and electricity through your house. Many older homes in Sydney’s inner western suburbs were designed with less demand of appliances in mind. The electrical demand of the 21st century and current technology means that there can be a significant strain on an old switchboard caused by these electrical demands. Old switchboards aren’t wired for the new modern day technologies and appliances needed within the modern day home. These high power demands in modern homes can be due to:

  • home entertainment systems
  • internet routers
  • multiple computers and tablets and their associated charging devices
  • gaming devices
  • home automation systems
  • sophisticated lighting systems
  • modern electric ovens and cook tops
  • electric heating systems
  • electric hot water systems
  • air conditioning systems

Because the modern home needs significantly greater power and electricity than even 10 years ago, in most instances we find that the old switchboard isn’t capable of providing the energy, safety features or distribution required today.

Tip: Circuit breakers repeatedly tripping and fuses constantly blowing are all warnings your switchboard needs an upgrade.

Another sign for a new switchboard upgrade is when your lights within your house start flickering. This is your switchboard demanding the attention and love it needs for an upgrade.

Switchboards in 2016

New modern switchboards are fitted with safety switches that automatic switch off the electricity on that circuit when a problem is identified. These are invaluable safety investments in the protection of your home and, more importantly, your family. An overloaded switch will automatically flick to break the circuit to protect the appliance on the circuit. Just like milk and cheese the switchboard in your house has a “used by date”. Without a new switchboard upgrade old houses mixed with new modern day appliances and demands are electrical hazards. The cost of an electrician coming to upgrade your switchboard is significantly cheaper than the cost to rebuild your house from fire caused by fuses blowing caused by out of date switchboards. Working on and upgrading your switchboard is job only for your licensed electrician and shouldn’t be a DIY project done on the weekends and electrical safety is your number one priority. Any investment made as a safety precaution is small to the cost of the potentially harmful and damaging effects of an old switchboard.